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Writing Ideas

As a student, there are some facts that are realities in this life, that you cannot do without. These are things that you know from the moment you walk through the school gates, that you will have to go through. One of these is writing essays. This is pretty much part and parcel of the learning experience, and there is not much that you can do to change that.




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5 most popular types of writing essays you should know about

At any given learning level, you will have to present an essay to be considered for the next level. Some of these are given as tests, and others are given as exercises to help you become better writers in the long run. You need to understand the different types of papers that you can be asked to write, and from there, prepare or learn how to write them from scratch.Can you write an essay about specific topic? #? Of course. Come visit.

The following are 5 of the most important types of essays that you could be asked to write, and what makes them different from the others. It is by understanding these differences that you will in fact, learn so much about how to make your work great:

Persuasive writing

In this style of writing, you are basically trying to sell the audience an idea, from your perspective. It is about appealing to the audience and persuading them to see things from your point of view. With this in mind, you are trying to show the audience that the ideas you have are what they should also have. It is all about convincing them that yours is the better idea there is, and none better than that.

Informative writing

While all the papers that you will write will have some element of this, it still stands out for a number of reasons. The most important of them all is the fact that you need to come up with an idea, and educate the audience on the same. For this task, you usually have to dig deeper, look for as much information as you can to present your case, and where possible, back up your sentiments with credible data.

Argumentative writing

If you have ever been in an argument before, you would know what this kind of paper is all about. It is about presenting your facts, when faced with another set of facts. You have to make sure your statements are superior, and of course, backed up with credible evidence towards that end. It would be impossible to write a paper like this one without fronting some supporting points, and a clear statement of intent.


This is basically you telling a story, or giving your account of an event, or any subject that you are asked to write about. For this paper you normally have quite the confidence and freedom, because everything you do is up to your own perspective.

Compare and contrast

A compare and contrast paper is about you taking two subjects and pitting them against one another. You will need to look at their features, similarities and differences before you can effectively manage to draw conclusive remarks on the same.

By understanding the difference between these types of papers, you will have gone so far in making your work easier. For a lot of students, this is normally the biggest challenge that they have. This is particularly because they cannot really understand what makes each paper unique, or how they can make their work great. Learning these differences will, however, make your work easier in the long run.