Tricks and Tips for Writing a Synthesis Essay

When students hear the phrase synthesis essay, they get worried. However, this is a natural reaction since it is hard to guess the assignment's peculiarities from the name. This article is a guide to writing synthesis essays. 

Introduction to synthesis essay

To make the best decision, you must understand what a synthesis paper is. Synthesis essays demand that students put together a piece of facts or information they collect from several sources to develop a single argument.

Background synthesis

The objective of background synthesis is to be an expert on the subject that requires examining available references. To write such a paper, discover sources, then systematize facts and put them to common themes.

Thesis-Driven Synthesis or Argument

Synthesis papers must have a strong thesis account that provides clear positions to examined argumentative synthesis topics.

Literature review

Though common in social sciences and medicine, students are undertaking degrees in other disciplines requiring a literature review for their projects. It requires students to analyze and examine previous research work on the subject.

Organization tips for synthesis essay

Based on the kind of writing, the outline of the synthesis can vary. For example, essays at formative stages of research do not need strong thesis statements. However, students should consider the following:

  • Start with an introduction: start with a catchy introduction, explain the topic, and write the objective.
  • Organize the main body paragraphs by themes: ensure that each paragraph discussed a different theme. To have a great essay, avoid summarizing by source. Instead, unite reviewed sources into groups based on themes and features.
  • Have paragraphs that show relationships between varied pieces of information: since synthesis, papers are informative, and then explain how facts interact with the examined topic. Depict both differences and similarities.
  • Conclusion: finalize synthesis with concluding statements by listing the major themes. Also, clarify how the themes link to the main topic in the essay.

Writing an outline for synthesis essay

Writing an outline or structure is the initial thing to do before you start. This process is not a waste of time and resources. The outline should have the following components: introduction, main body, and conclusion.

Structure for synthesis essay 

First, do an in-depth examination of the gathered data. Well-organized essay papers earn high grades. A brilliant essay with a poorly structured format does not earn good grades.

Writing an impressive introduction for synthesis essay

The introduction part must capture elements that will attract the attention of your target audience. Introduce the essay with intriguing facts that not everyone knows.

Writing a conclusion for synthesis essay

Finishing an essay gives students a hard time. Some students find that introduction and the main body are much easier to write. In conclusion, summarize and restate the thesis statement.

Tricks and tips for writing an impressive synthesis essay

With an understanding of how to start the synthesis essay, you increase the chances of getting higher grades. To get higher grades to follow the following tips.

  • Please select the right topic: Settle on a topic you know about and you have an interest in it. Avoid the temptation of writing on something you have little knowledge of.
  • Rely on credible sources: Cite a source with authority and avoid using mainstream social media articles.
  • Cite the sources correctly: Using incorrect bibliographies and citations leads to low grades and even failing.
  • Always proofread your essay: Students make the mistake of not proofreading their work after they have finished; instead, they print their work and submit.