Topics to Write for Argumentative Essays

Have you ever been in a debate discussing a given subject? This is what an argumentative essay is all about. You will be required to take a side comparable to what debaters do. You can either choose to agree or disagree with the statement or matter in question. The main objective is to take your standpoint on the chosen topic and persuade readers to agree with you. You will successfully be able to do that if you manage to present tangible evidence of why you have chosen that point of view concerning your topic.

Argumentative essays could be about many things. You can discuss argumentatively concerning opinions in society, different forms of government or various products on what you think is the best. However, your arguments should not entirely be based on emotions and personal feelings. You must back up your arguments with research or evidence from reliable sources of information.

Typical Argumentative Essay Topics to Write

Are you wondering where to begin with your argumentative essay? Well, it all starts with choosing a high-quality essay topic. There are many things that you could argue about. Here are some of them to guide you:

  1. Education should be easily accessible to all
  2. Children shouldn’t be given corporal punishment
  3. Video gaming is good for developing learners
  4. Technology is taking over every sector
  5. Students with disabilities should be included in mainstream classes
  6. Sports are equally important to academics
  7. Smoking in public should be banned
  8. Infrastructure development can boost people’s economy
  9. Democracy is better than autocracy
  10.  Everyone is a leader in their capacity

Ensure that you have enough information and facts concerning your chosen topic. It will help you craft a high-quality heading for your essay. Most importantly, your topic should be short and precise. Make sure that you don't generalize your idea. It should be straight and to the point.

Writing your argumentative topic

As you prepare to write your argumentative essay, here are some important things to remember:

  • Prepare an outline. Come up with a good outline for your essay. Once you have the topic, you can now list items of discussions to make a sound argument. Start with the introduction, list a few items for the body and then the conclusion.
  • Introduce the topic. Take time first to write a general introduction to the topic before taking your side. It is good to let your audience understand what you are talking about before taking your opinion to them.
  • At the end of the introductory paragraph, include a thesis statement highlighting your main point of view concerning the subject. This will usher in the rest of the points in writing your given essay.

Final Thoughts

Writing an argumentative essay requires a plan just like any other type of essay. You should understand the essay objectives and how to approach it. As a writer, your work is to help your readers understand the reason you are taking a certain position concerning the topic. This should be backed up by research and credible facts.